Plakate von Peter Sempel
Nina Hagen DVD von Peter Sempel

Peter Sempel: short Vita/Filmography , (Hamburg, 3/2012)
Born in Hamburg 1954, half-yearold emigrated to Australia, grew up in the outback,
as a kid with own kangaroo and to school on horseback, no electricity and no tv;
returned after 12 years; studied at University Hamburg: literature+physical education,
hobby: opera and punkconcerts, wrote for musicmagazines(fanzines, and Spex...),
started MUSICFILMS 1981, mainly with(and because) Underground& classical Music,
Dance and extraordinary artists, from Underground to Hollywood and back.
Most films supported by Filmfoerderung/Culture-department of CityHamburg,
(in Germany distributed by Pandora,SilverCine, 5films Neue Visionen,+Dejavu-Filmdistr).
Often travels with+presents his films around the world, also supported by Goethe-Institute.
Since 2003 his films are shown on German art-tv: ZDF/3sat and "ARTE".
Also presents Foto-exhibitions and videoshows in Galleries+Cinemas, mainly independent,
sometimes museums:DeutschesFilmmuseumFrankfurt,Babylon-Berlin, Kunsthalle-Hamburg,
Cinemathek Oslo, CentrePompidou,Paris, AnthologyFilmArchives/and CBGB,NewYork,
"Egyptian“,L.A., Hamburg:"GrosseFreiheit36", KunstvereinHamburg, Kunsthalle Wien, ...